We Provide Personal Data Protection Consultancy Service

Today, digital life and economy are realized through personal data. While computers and their components, software, mobile smart devices, instant communication channels provided by internet networks, e-mail and social media platforms make progress in every field, they also threaten the privacy of individuals.

It is imperative to take technological and legal measures to protect personal data privacy and prevent violations of rights. In this sense, the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 (“Law”), which references the EU Directive 95/46/EC, is applied in our country.

The law obliges all companies and real persons that process personal data automatically or semi-automatically to take all necessary security measures as data controllers. Legal regulations are bound to standards in legal, technical and administrative fields by the Personal Data Protection Authority (“KVKK”). Those who are found not to fulfill these obligations are subject to administrative fines between 9,834.-TL and 1,966,862.-TL, and those who process data illegally are sentenced to imprisonment from 1 year to 3 years.

Although the provisions specified in the law are in effect, only three groups of data controllers (having 1-50 or more employees; 2- Having an asset value of financial balance sheet above 25 million TL; 3- Processing special data) can only be assigned to three groups of data controllers in the Data Controllers Information Registry System (VERBIS) notification 31.12 Time is given until .2021. Those who do not report will be fined between 39.337.-TL and 1.966.862.-TL.


The standards set by KVKK change all business processes and departments of enterprises. The personal data of employees, customers and suppliers can be transferred to information and documents on paper or electronically, such as contracts, invoices, dispatches, personnel files, etc. It is transformed and processed by ERP, CRM and Personnel programs. Camera, switchboard, telephone, printer and scanners, instant communication applications, e-mail, social media, system and internet network, website are also sources of personal data processing. The protection of personal data is ensured by taking technical and administrative measures in a constantly dynamic structure, by developing strong infrastructures and trained human resources, and awareness and consciousness levels. KVKK harmonization is only possible with a planned study on these resources in the legal, administrative and technical fields.

In KVKK compliance consultancy, our Work Plan, whose titles are presented here and the details in the attached document, with our expert, lawyer, audit staff, system network and security consultants in the fields of certification, informatics, law and audit, and our work completion experience;

Detection and Analysis
Realization of KVKK VERBIS Notification
Policy Documents and Inventory Arrangement
Preparation of Illumination Texts
Revision of Contracts
Evaluation of Data Transfer Abroad
Administrative Compliance Consultancy
Technical Compliance Consultancy
Giving education
Personal Data Application and Violation Process and Creation of Documents
Auditing and Reporting
We are establishing the KVKK System by applying it. We are processing on 76 documents in total. We offer the most suitable solutions for your company. With the training we provide to company personnel, we offer the ability to manage the system we have established without outside support. After our consultancy is over, we continue our information, to solve the problems you may encounter or to answer your questions.

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Department Activity Chart
KVKK Department Survey
Personal Data Sources
Personal Data Parameters
Data Responsible Application Notice
Appointment of Contact Person
Creation of the Registry Record
POLICY DOCUMENTS and inventory organization
Protection and Processing of Personal Data Policy Document
Personal Data Retention and Disposal Policy Document
Personal Data Inventory Document
Preparation of LIGHTING TEXTS
Customer Clarification Text and Express Consent Statement
Supplier Confidentiality Commitment
Supplier Disclosure Text and Express Consent Statement
Carrying Illumination Text and Express Consent Statement
Employee Disclosure Text and Express Consent Statement
Employee Confidentiality Consent
Employee Candidate Disclosure Text and Express Consent Statement
Website Privacy and Cookie Policy
Camera Clarification Text and Express Consent Statement
Camera Warning Text
Form and Survey Clarification Text
E-Mail Legal Notice
Illumination Text over the Phone
Card Employee Tracking Illumination Text
COVID 19 Illumination Text
Visitor Clarification Text


Employment Contract Revision
Customer Sales Contract Revision
Supply Contract Revision
Confidentiality Protocol/Commitment/Agreements
Obtaining Explicit Consent
Arrangement of Commitments

Job Description Document
KVKK Harmonization Working Group Assignment Document
KVK Committee Internal Directive
Destruction Report
Incident Management Chart
Company Assignment Decision
Risk analysis
Archive Room Security Policy
Computer Usage Policy
Backup Policy
Internet Usage Policy
Email Usage Policy
Mobile Device Usage Policy
Anti-Virus Policy
Network and System Security Policy
Password Policy
Cookie Policy
Social Media Policy
System Security Commitment
User Authority Matrix

Giving education
KVKK Project Start Introduction
Employee Personal Data Protection Training Presentation
Management Personal Data Protection Training Presentation
Cyber ​​Security Training Presentation
Employee Training Video
Executive Training Video
Training Participation Form
Information Security Awareness Statement
creation of personal data application and breach processes and documents
Personal Data Owner Application Form
Personal Data Breach Response Plan
Case Study Personal Data Owner Application Form
Case Study Reply to Personal Data Owner
Personal Data Breach Notification Form
Case Study Personal Data Breach Notification
Contact Person Case Study

KVKK Realization Survey
Finalization Reporting