Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) provides the following supports in order to facilitate the role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the economy, their competitive power and their adaptation to market conditions. Application requirements and support rates vary for each type of support. At this point, our company offers consultancy services to alleviate your workload and ensure that you benefit from the support at the maximum level, you can contact us for information on any support group and type.

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Entrepreneurship Development Support Program

It is a support program provided for a newly established business. In order to benefit from these types of support, an entrepreneurship certificate must first be obtained and then a new business must be established.

a) Traditional Entrepreneurship support program (up to 65,000 TL)

It is a program created to increase the survival rate of new businesses established by entrepreneurs.
Businesses founded by entrepreneurs who have completed Traditional Entrepreneur Training can apply to this program.

b) Advanced Entrepreneurship support program (up to 365,000 TL)

In general, businesses to be established in the determined fields of activity in the manufacturing sector can benefit from this support. In order to apply for this program, it is necessary to have completed the Advanced Entrepreneur Training.
Support limits are as follows;
Low Medium-Low Technology Level: Up to 160.000 TL
Medium High Technology Level: Up to 260.000 TL
High Technology Level: Up to 360.000 TL

Business Development Support Program

It is intended to improve the existing business. You can benefit from the support up to the support upper limit written next to it.

-Support Upper Limit: Up to 480.000 TL.

Domestic Fair Support up to 50,000 TL
International Business Trip Support up to 30.000 TL
Qualified Personnel Employment Support up to 50,000 TL
Design Support Up to 50,000 TL
Industrial Property Rights Support up to 30.000 TL
Certification Support up to 50,000 TL
Test and Analysis Support up to 50,000 TL
Energy Efficient Electric Motors Replacement Support up to 80.000 TL
Independent Evaluation Support up to 50,000 TL
Independent Evaluation Support up to 20.000 TL
Model Factory Support up to 70.000 TL

Foreign Market Support Program

It is a support program provided for existing companies that are considering opening up to the foreign market or wanting to expand their foreign market share.
-Support Upper Limit – 300.000 TL
-Project Expenses to be Supported:
Personnel Expenses: 90.000 TL
Software and Hardware Expenses: 100,000 TL
Promotion Expenses: 100,000 TL
International Fair and Travel Expenses: 150.000 TL
Test Analysis and Documentation Expenses: 100,000 TL
Service Procurement Expenses: 100,000 TL

R&D and Innovation Support Program

It is a support program created to support SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and entrepreneurs with new ideas and inventions, who produce/desire to produce a new technology-based product, service or process through R&D and innovation projects. All businesses and entrepreneurs who qualify as SMEs from the R&D and Innovation Program and whose field of activity is among the sectors supported by KOSGEB can apply.
-Support Upper Limit – 700.000 TL
-400.000 TL Grant
-300.000 TL Interest-Free Loan

  • Within the scope of support, personnel, machinery, software and other miscellaneous expenses are supported.

Cooperation Support Program

Businesses as SMEs individually or in cooperation with a stakeholder/large business can benefit from this support program.
Activities where 5 businesses come together to find solutions to common problems are supported.

  • 2 firms are sufficient for enterprises operating in the High Technology group, and 3 firms for enterprises operating in the Medium-High Technology group.
  • Support up to 10.000.000 TL in total
  • 70% (seventy) of the support is given with repayment and 30% (thirty) is given as non-refundable.

SME Technoinvestment Support Program

-Support Amount: Up to 6,000,000 TL
(a) Production and commercialization of products resulting from R&D/innovation activities,
(b) Production and commercialization of products in the field of medium, high and high technology that will contribute to the current account, by the domestic industry,
To support the investments to be made by the enterprises in order to provide
SME TechnoInvestment Support Program Application Requirements:
For applications made within the scope of subparagraph 1(a);
Having one of the following documents showing that the R&D project has been completed at most 5 years ago
R&D and innovation projects supported by KOSGEB and other public institutions and organizations, foundations established by law or international funds,
Protected by a patent document,
As a result of his doctoral study,
Technological Product (TUR) Experience certificate,
It is essential that the prototype work is done for the completed product. Businesses that own the product or businesses that have taken over the intellectual property and copyrights of the product from the right owner can apply.
2. For applications made within the scope of subparagraph (b);
a) The product to be produced; involvement in the medium-high and high-tech field,
b) Contribution of the product to be produced to the current account,
c) The investment project budget should not exceed 10,000,000 (ten million) TL,
d) It is essential that the applicant company makes an application with the stakeholder.
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