Follow-up and utilization of SGK and İŞKUR Incentives

Management of the processes for employers to fully and completely benefit from current employment incentives without exception
Five-Point Discount Incentive from Employer’s Share of Invalidity, Old Age and Death Insurance Premiums (Article 5510/81)
Insurance Premium Incentive for Insured Persons Taken Abroad and Insurance Premium Incentive Regarding the Application of Additional Discount to the Five-Point Discount in Provinces Determined by the Level of Socio-Economic Development (Law No. 6486),
Employment Incentive for Insured Persons with Disabilities (Law No. 4857)
Insurance Premium Incentive for Cultural Investments and Enterprises (Law No. 5225)
Insurance Premium Support in Research and Development (R&D) Activities (Law No. 5746)
Employment Incentive for Women, Young People and Professional Competenced Employment (Law No. 6111)
Employment Incentive for Women and Young Insured (Law No. 4447)
Unemployment Allowance Areas Employment Incentive (Law No. 5921)
Employer’s Share Support for Insurance Premium Envisioned in the Council of Ministers’ Decision Regarding State Aids in Investments (Additional Article 2 to the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510)
Insurance Premium Employer’s Share Support for State Aid in Investments (Law No. 6322)
On-the-job training incentive (Provisional Article 15 of the Unemployment Insurance Law No. 4447)
Employment of additional workers Incentive for the payment of SSI worker and employer shares by the Treasury (Decree Law No. 687)