Business and Social Security Consultancy Services

Submitting your opinions on the Employment and Social Security Consultancy Services in writing or orally,
Contributing by examining the texts on labor law and social security issues to be prepared by the company,
Providing consultancy in the fulfillment of legal obligations that may arise during the inspector/inspector examination and audits to be carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and the Social Security Institution,
Providing legal support to company lawyers in legal processes related to labor law and social security,
Attending meetings related to working life, work and social security, if the company deems it necessary.
Providing technical assistance in employee-employer disputes, notifying the employer in writing and verbally about the issues that the employer should pay attention to, and preparing correspondence and minutes if requested by the company,
Inspecting the documents to be provided by the employer on the obligations related to the labor and social security legislation at the workplace periodically, on a monthly/quarterly basis, and presenting the results to the company with a report,
Submitting the results of the audit and the deficiencies observed on the occupational and social security risks to the management with a report,
Preparation and Supervision of Employment Contracts and Personal Files in accordance with the Legislation,
Consultancy on the Solution of Problems that May Occur from Work Accidents,
Peaceful Resolution of Disputes Between Employer and Employee,
Evaluation of Labor Contracts within the scope of legal legislation and consultancy on the necessary transactions in the Transfer-Merger-Division-Closing Applications of the Workplaces,
Counseling in Mass Layoffs,
Application and Compliance Consultancy such as Termination, Notice, Severance, Annual Leave,
Providing consultancy for the execution of the works and transactions to be made as a result of the reemployment lawsuit in accordance with the legal process.